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Preparing your supplied files for print


We offer three different Artwork Services: Just Print, File Check and File Assist.

You may wonder why you upload your artwork after placing your order. By checking only completed orders our artwork team can deliver the fastest service and the highest quality. We don't use software as we believe an experienced eye is better. We want the same thing that you want. We want your graphic files to print correctly first time and look like you meant them to.

Our Artwork services are here to do just that. Preparing your own design work for print can be a daunting task, especially as there's no 'Undo' button to press once your printed result arrives at your doorstep. But there's no need to panic! We have a number of services that take the worry away.

Just Print is our free option where your print ready PDF will be printed as supplied this is selected by default. If you are absolutely confident that the files are set up correctly for the print process, then we will print what you send us. We recommend this service only to individuals who fully understand our print ready requirements, who are completely confident that their PDF files have been supplied correctly. We always do a quick inspection on all files received and warn you of problems.

If slightly unsure then file Check is a real safety net option, where the print ready files are double checked looking at colour profiles, size and bleed irregularities by our Prepress team before being sent for printing. Prices start at just £5.00 + VAT. You can also order a PDF Proof for an additional £4 + VAT for complete peace of mind. We will warn you of any issues and ask for you to correct them and won't proceed to print.
File Assist turns any finished design into a print ready PDF and includes a PDF Proof. Prices start at £25 + VAT. This included up to half an hour of studio time. For multi page documents, booklets more complex designs additional time may be required. We will contact you should this be the case.

If you don't have artwork, we can help you with our design services. We can provide you with everything you would expect from a high end design agency. Without the price tag. We really do offer value for money, only charging for the actual time taken to create your design (minimum 15-minute intervals). Formatting a quick layout or a simple amend to a previous business card we have designed may even be free of charge where all logos and text and clear instructions are supplied.

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