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Pricing For Onsurface Deliveries

In large format print deliveries are priced on a square metre basis. This takes into account the total square metreage of each item on the order and displays a price according to which bracket this falls in to.

This also works with many of the products that Onsurface provide as they usually have a printed graphic supplied with them and the square metreage of this graphic helps calculates the cost of delivery and packing.

However, we know that this is not applicable in all cases of print. This is why some products are excluded from delivery - this is usually stated for each product.

Also, some products can have no graphic or are particularly bulky (the Pop-Up Displays for example). These can have an 'Additional Delivery' price applied to them so that this value gets added to the current delivery for each unit in their basket.

For example: A basket with 2 Pop-Ups and a Roller Banner will come to £28.50.
£8.50 standard delivery + (2 £10 - additional Pop-Up delivery). This example is based on standard Onsurface prices and may vary depending on your delivery charges.