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We're here for you.

As a family business, we get it. Reaching customers has never been more difficult. It doesn't have to be. Whether in quarantine, in-office or working from home Onsurface is here to help.

Check out some ways to reach your customers:

Create organized sales tools to make your brand memorable and your products and services easier to understand.

  • Variety of stocks & sizes
  • 10 Folding options including tri-fold & half-fold
  • We can put you in touch with mailing services
  • Brochure & flyer design services available

Keeping you, your staff and customers' safe

Want to make it easier to evaluate a 1-metre distance in every location of your shop or office? With our round floor stickers, you can make sure distances are understood thanks to simple indicators on where to stand. You will ensure everyone's safety with the current social distancing measures. Pre-printed with the design "Keep a safe distance" and "Wait here" on a distinctive red background, our floor stickers have a convenient 30 cm diameter format. Order them today and receive them directly to your doorstep!

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